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Strategy For The Lottery?

March 27, 2012

Mega Millions logo

I recently read an article on the Yahoo homepage titled, “Mega Millions Fever: Tips for Buying Your Lucky Lottery Ticket”.  This caught my attention right away when I was scrolling through the news column.  I asked myself, how can someone have a strategy for winning the lottery?

This article went on to explain how Richard Lustig had won the lottery over seven times in Florida.  He was here to offer up some tips to lottery players.  His first tip was to play your own numbers, and not let the computer pick them for you.  My question is why does it matter?  You have the exact same chances if you pick your own numbers than if you let the computer pick them for you.

His next tip was to do your homework and research the numbers that have been drawn before.  This raises another question in my mind.  Why would it matter what numbers they have drawn before if they pick from the same numbers every time?  There is just as likely of a chance that a number will get picked again then one that has never been picked.

Stick to your strategy was his next tip.  This would be ok if the two previous strategies had been logical, which they are not.  His last tip was to avoid lottery fever.  Here is my tip, avoid the lottery all together.  The odds of winning are horrible! You are just throwing money away when you play the lottery.  It states in the article that you have a 1 in 174 million chance of winning.  Not the best odds in my opinion!

Any thoughts on this?  Feel free to comment!



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