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March Madness 2012!!

March 13, 2012

English: Championship Trophies won by UConn fo...

March Madness is what all the collegiate basketball players look forward and work towards the whole season, and it is right around the corner!  There are a total of 68 teams that will battle it out in hopes of winning the national championship.  All motivated, all talented, but only one can bring home that glory for their university.

The “First Four” will kick off the NCAA tournament.  These are the play-in games that will decide who gets to come into the tournament.  There are a lot of good teams competing for the title this year.  Many teams that are predicted to do well are the number one seeds Kentucky, Syracuse, North Carolina, and Michigan State.  These four teams in general always seem to have solid programs each year.

Other teams such as Duke, Mizzou, and Indiana are also viewed as contenders for the title.  The best part about watching this tournament in my opinion however, are the upset games.  This is when a higher seed takes out a major lower seed in the tournament.  They are often referred to as the “Cinderella” teams.  Some of these teams that I will have my eye on will be Murray State, Kansas State, and possibly a tough Harvard team.

I am definitely looking forward to following this NCAA tourney very closely and am hoping to see Murray State advance farther than predicted.  Any thoughts or comments?  Feel free to discuss!


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  1. mdasenb permalink

    I also am super excited for this tournament! This is definitely one of my favorite times of year because it is basketball every night and usually the games are pretty competitive, which make it more interesting to watch. I will definitely be rocking my UNC apparel throughout the tournament to show my support! UNC all the way baby!!!!

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