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Technology These Days

January 31, 2012

Various cell phones displayed at a shop.

I recently read “The Rise of the Toilet Texters” on the Yahoo main page.  I was completely astonished after I saw some of the statistics that this article had provided.  Now, I have always been a firm believer that Americans overuse and are often reliant on technology in this day and age.  I would like to say that I am also guilty of over using technology, so it is not like I am bashing all of Americans like I don’t do the exact same thing.

This article focused on a whole new aspect of technology use that I was not aware was such a common thing.  It focused on people who use technology while going to the bathroom!!  I know I have been in the bathroom and someone randomly starts talking really loudly and you realize that they’ve taken a phone call while in the stall.  It can definitely get on one’s nerves when this happens.

In the article it provided some shocking statistics that I was honestly surprised to see.  The first one they provided was that 75% of the people surveyed had used their mobile device while using the restroom.  That means every 3 out of 4 people!!  Another figure I found interesting was that 25% of Americans refuse to go to the bathroom without their cellphone!!  Can’t they give it a break for a few minutes to go to the bathroom?!

In my opinion these figures are unbelievable.  This just goes to support my theory that Americans are too reliant on their technology.  It’s one thing to use your cell phone a lot, but its a whole other problem when you can’t use the restroom without having it on you.

Any thoughts or opinions?  Feel free to comment!



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