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Super Bowl XLVI

January 24, 2012

The San Francisco 49ers' Super Bowl XXIV troph...

One of the most watched events in the sports nation is coming up in a couple of weeks, the Super Bowl!  Super Bowl Sunday is a day that the majority of sports fans sit down with family or friends to enjoy a great game of football.  Every year the two best teams in the National Football League square off in an ultimate battle to claim themselves as the champions. 

The two teams have recently been decided this past week.  The New York Giants pulled off a close win in overtime against the tough San Francisco 49ers in the NFC (National Football Conference) Division.  On the other side of the bracket, the New England Patriots also edged the hard-hitting Baltimore Ravens by three points in the AFC (American Football Conference) Division.

Now, personally I am not a big fan of either team.  When I do watch the NFL, I cheer for the Minnesota Vikings.  However, I do have an opinion on who I think will win this football game.  I believe the New England Patriots are going to come out on top in this match-up because of their quarter back, Tom Brady.  Brady has the experience in this type situation that I believe will help his team win this year’s Super Bowl.

Any thoughts on who you think will become Super Bowl Champions?  Feel free to discuss with me.



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