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Hunger Games Mania

The Hunger Games

So recently the talk around high schools and colleges has been about The Hunger Games books.  I personally have not read the books and did not have any intention on reading them. Regrettably I cannot say I’ve ever been much of a big reader unless I find a series that really captures my attention.

However, I am a very big movie-goer and love going to the theaters when big movies come out. The Hunger Games recently came out in theaters and has been a very big hit all over the U.S.  It has been at the top of Box Office sales, recently reaching $58.6 Million!!  So I decided to go and give this one a shot and I will have to admit, it is one of the best movies I have seen in theaters in a while!

This movie has it all! It has crazy action scenes, a lot of drama and even some romance involved too! It was not what I was expecting and I am very glad that I went and saw this one!  I recommend it to anyone and this movie made me want to read the books! It lived up to all of its hype and is a very good movie!

Feel free to discuss with me!



Strategy For The Lottery?

Mega Millions logo

I recently read an article on the Yahoo homepage titled, “Mega Millions Fever: Tips for Buying Your Lucky Lottery Ticket”.  This caught my attention right away when I was scrolling through the news column.  I asked myself, how can someone have a strategy for winning the lottery?

This article went on to explain how Richard Lustig had won the lottery over seven times in Florida.  He was here to offer up some tips to lottery players.  His first tip was to play your own numbers, and not let the computer pick them for you.  My question is why does it matter?  You have the exact same chances if you pick your own numbers than if you let the computer pick them for you.

His next tip was to do your homework and research the numbers that have been drawn before.  This raises another question in my mind.  Why would it matter what numbers they have drawn before if they pick from the same numbers every time?  There is just as likely of a chance that a number will get picked again then one that has never been picked.

Stick to your strategy was his next tip.  This would be ok if the two previous strategies had been logical, which they are not.  His last tip was to avoid lottery fever.  Here is my tip, avoid the lottery all together.  The odds of winning are horrible! You are just throwing money away when you play the lottery.  It states in the article that you have a 1 in 174 million chance of winning.  Not the best odds in my opinion!

Any thoughts on this?  Feel free to comment!


March Madness 2012!!

English: Championship Trophies won by UConn fo...

March Madness is what all the collegiate basketball players look forward and work towards the whole season, and it is right around the corner!  There are a total of 68 teams that will battle it out in hopes of winning the national championship.  All motivated, all talented, but only one can bring home that glory for their university.

The “First Four” will kick off the NCAA tournament.  These are the play-in games that will decide who gets to come into the tournament.  There are a lot of good teams competing for the title this year.  Many teams that are predicted to do well are the number one seeds Kentucky, Syracuse, North Carolina, and Michigan State.  These four teams in general always seem to have solid programs each year.

Other teams such as Duke, Mizzou, and Indiana are also viewed as contenders for the title.  The best part about watching this tournament in my opinion however, are the upset games.  This is when a higher seed takes out a major lower seed in the tournament.  They are often referred to as the “Cinderella” teams.  Some of these teams that I will have my eye on will be Murray State, Kansas State, and possibly a tough Harvard team.

I am definitely looking forward to following this NCAA tourney very closely and am hoping to see Murray State advance farther than predicted.  Any thoughts or comments?  Feel free to discuss!

Suing the Movies

Popcorn icon

I am a college student and I am on a tight budget when it comes to spending money on entertainment.  One of my favorite things to do is going to the theaters to see a movie.  Ticket prices aren’t cheap and the concession stand prices are absolutely ridiculous!  Popcorn and candy are very overpriced and always have been.

I recently read and watched a short clip on Yahoo’s webpage that explained how Joshua Thompson is actually filing a lawsuit against movie theaters, stating that consumers can’t handle the high prices.  Are you kidding me?  I started laughing when I read this.  To me, this lawsuit is unbelievable and I don’t see how it will stand a chance in court.

Last week  I read Matt Haddix’s blog, “These are some Sue Crazy Cats” , which talked about crazy cases of people trying to sue.  I think this falls into this category.  Here is someone trying to get some money over something that has been happening for a very long time.  Going to the movies is a choice!  Let me repeat that, a CHOICE!!  No one is forcing Joshua to go to the movies, he wants to go for the entertainment.

Lets just play along and say someone is forcing him to go to the movies.  I go to the movies all the time and I hardly ever buy popcorn or candy there.  Why, do you ask?  Because I do think that concession items are overpriced and I don’t want to spend the cash on that.  I’d rather save that money and put it towards another movie next time I come.  Even if he HAD to go to the movies, he doesn’t have to buy from their concession stands! No one else does either!

Movie theaters charge that much because people do buy it.  This is the United States.  They have the choice to choose how much to sell their product for!  Airports and ski resorts are the same way, its supply and demand.  They know you’re not going to buy it anywhere else so they jack the prices up.  That is just smart business.  Any thoughts or comments?  Feel free to discuss!


Messing with the King

LeBron James

LeBron James (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Everyone is always quick to criticize one of the greatest players in the NBA today, LeBron James.  LeBron is constantly being talked about in a negative manner for something he did or didn’t do.  Yahoo news articles love being the LeBron haters and have written many different pieces on things they feel need to be discussed about the superstar.  I just don’t get it.

All of this negative criticism started with James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers a few years back.  He was not happy with where he was at in his career and was not getting any help from his supporting cast.  The Cavs were not ready to bring anyone worth mentioning to the team, so he took matters into his own hands and joined the Miami Heat.

Many talk badly about how he left, because he held “The Decision”.  Not many know that this event earned money that went toward a charity foundation.  Now, maybe he went about it the wrong way, but it shouldn’t have had the effect that it did on fans.  People were burning LeBron jerseys and carrying on like the world had ended.

Although LeBron did change teams he still remains as my favorite player in the NBA right now.  I know many people who would have done the same thing if they were in LeBron’s position and  I am one of them.  The media needs to cut this guy a break!  Any thoughts?  Feel free to comment!


Media and Society

SLR Cameras

On my laptop I have my home page set to  Usually I get onto the internet I read through the news feed to see what stories are popular and current.  There are usually around 45 different stories to choose from.  I started noticing a trend after looking at the titles of some of these posts.  Quite a few of them were bad things that have happened to celebrities!

Today while I was searching through them I saw quite a few that called out famous people.  Some of them included “Funny TV blooper precedes Dayton-Xavier game“, “Minnesota’s Martell Webster forgets that a dunk isn’t worth three points”, and “UConn’s Andre Drummond pulls a Roscoe Smith“.  All of these articles related to an embarrassing moment by people on tv and were meant for others entertainment. 

This can be seen in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and even news stations.  I guess I don’t quite understand how these people get pleasure from telling other people’s misfortunes.  This has been a growing issue in the media and I think it’s just wrong.  The bad thing about it is, our society loves these kinds of stories for some reason.

I know that these reporters and writers do not have people following them around every single day, just to get a picture or video when they mess up and do something stupid.  I’m sure it’s hard enough for these celebrities to do their jobs, and i’m sure it makes it even tougher when they have people around them constantly waiting for them to make a mistake so they can put it in the news.

Maybe it’s just me but I think the media should try to focus on the accomplishments of these famous people instead of trying to find the tiny flaws that can happen to anyone, any day.  Any thoughts or comments?  Feel free to discuss with me!

Spring Break Destinations

Panama City Beach, Florida, during spring break

Spring break is always a popular event not only in high school, but also in the college environment.  It is the week out of the year that students can relax and do whatever they want till they have to go back to school.  Many people do not take advantage of this however and often catch themselves sitting around doing nothing for an entire week!  Spring break should be taken advantage, because it is a time to get out and have some fun.

Many students sit around the house because of the expense of going somewhere is too high.  There are some reasonable destinations that are still fun and not too expensive.  Some of the places people think of when Spring Break comes around are Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Bahamas.  These types of places can get quite pricey for a college student on a budget.  There are choices that wouldn’t involve hopping on a plane and flying out of the country. 

One of these is Panama City, Florida.  Panama City offers a wide variety of activities to do on Spring Break with an affordable cost.  Panama City is within driving distance and if there are enough students going in a group, gas can be split up into a relatively low-cost per person.  A few other hot spots in Florida during spring break are Miami and Daytona.

If you don’t like that scenery, skiing is also an option.  There are many different locations in the United States that offer great mountains to ski and snowboard on.  Some of these are multiple resorts in Colorado or Wisconsin!  These are both less expensive than flying out of the country and still offer a good get-away for spring breakers!

Any thoughts or comments?  Feel free to discuss!